Name: McKenna

Birthday: May 27

Blood Type: O+

Activities: Yoga, running, weightlifting

Favorite Color: Forest green & Indigo blue

Favorite Flower: English Rose



Favorite Food: Indian / Japanese

Currently Learning:

Ancient Egyptian warfare 

Current Obsession:

Outdoors and camping!


McKenna Marvin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she studied astronomy and physics.  After a personal tragedy, she decided to make a life change and move to Japan. Attending college at Temple University in Tokyo, McKenna used oil painting to express a new side of herself she hadn’t known before.


 After seven years of living and thriving in Japan, she decided to move to the Pacific Northwest, where the forests, nature, new friendships inspire her work.  There, she hopes of becoming the freelance artists of her dreams.

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Formal Education

Temple University Japan Campus

Class of 2013


Spring 2012 - Temple Annual Scholastic Achievement scholarship 

October 2017 - Temple University Alumni Gallery Artist 

August 2019 - Semi-Finalist MarktD/ NIKE collaboration competition

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McKenna Marvin

Artist and Illustrator

All works are copyrighted by McKenna Marvin, all rights reserved. 

Not to be used without explicit permission.