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Character Portrait Commissions

How to Order:

Please send me an email with as much description as possible about your preferences/color schemes/character traits/etc. 



I will begin commission once half of payment is received and will take 14 days to complete! Once finished we'll complete the payment!


I will give you a scanned 300dpi copy and the original copy of the artwork. 

Of course, the rights of the finished painting will belong to me.


"Beshenic" Full body, full color, with background watercolor with background 6x6"



$50 - $60

Portrait Full color

$80 - $110

Full body character in full color

Character sketch

$200 - $230

Additional background


Additional character


(price will increase with increase in sizing)

"Mountains" 11x15" fullcolor watercolor commission

Have any special requests or questions? Feel free to email me! 

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