Thank you for looking!~ All these items were created by me!  My art is made with love, and I hope it reaches you too!  

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D.VA Sticker

Vinyl, Glossy, weather-proof Sticker

Tanks unite!  Fight together~!

Original design, D.Va bunny blaster with peaches~♥


$ 3.00

The Crest 

Vinyl, Glossy, weather-proof sticker

Show your strength with delicate beauty and gentle kindness ~♥

This sticker is based on a family crest I created for myself and my family.


$ 3.00

The Sapphire

Vinyl, matte, weather-proof sticker

From sketchbook to painting, to sticker, please enjoy this original work made into a lovely matte sticker.



Girl In the Stars

Vinyl, Glossy, weather-proof sticker

One of my first stickers~

The girl in the stars was inspired by an old friend.  May every girl's beauty shine forever!~♥


$ 3.00


Vinyl, Glossy, weather-proof sticker

Cute-sy poopsie Widowmaker.

But don't look too long into her eyes...


$ 3.00

Limited Sticker Set

Made of high quality paper and hand packaged with love♥

A set of 9 stickers that I use for my own personal postage.  Each sticker is from an illustration I've created recently, and will be a limited set!



Genji Sticker

Vinyl, MATTE, weather-proof sticker

"Come and get it!~"

The sword of Genji from Overwatch, in a delicate matte finish that could withstand the twin dragons.



Portland Rose

Vinyl, Glossy, weather-proof sticker

Made for the beautiful city in which I live, my new home, Portland.  


$ 2.50

The Devil.jpg

8x10" Photo Print 

"Space Queen" 

limited Print


Watercolor and Tempera original print.

Single Print

Sunrise elf.jpg

8x10" Photo Print 

"Space Queen" limited Print

"The Elf at Sunrise"

Watercolor and mixed media original print.

Single Print


8x10" Limited Photo Print 


Limited Print

Set of 3 original limited edition prints..

You can choose your preference on Etsy~♥

Set of 3 Prints

Walking in the Afterlife

Inspired by dreams and the meaning of our human experience.    Also a way to deal with the traumas of our losses, I painted this with that in mind. 

She needs a home, and you can purchase her on etsy via the link below.

McKenna Marvin

Artist and Illustrator

All works are copyrighted by McKenna Marvin, all rights reserved. 

Not to be used without explicit permission.